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Stacy & Dave Sehl

We have been living in Cooper, Texas since 1995 and have worked hard at developing a strong horse business built on quality, not quantity, and honesty not just a quick sale. Most of the horses we sell will be here at our place for at least 6 months if not more than a year. So does that make us horse traders? Well to some, yes, but to us, no. A horse trader might only have a horse for a week maybe up to a month at the longest point of time. Never giving them enough time to get to know the horse and his or her quirks or issues if they may have any. Most of what we sell will hit our door step as young as 3 to 4 months old while some are even born here. And though we may aquire the occasional reining horse that won't make the pros but they will make a great non pro horse we will sell them too.

All our horses are given all their shots and we pride ourselves on rotation worming. It is very important that a young horse get the best start in life they can as well as good feed to help with strong bones and muscle.

Barn In the last 10 years the horse market has made some drastic changes. Some changes were way past due and some took several by surprise. There were plenty of folks in the horse business that were just breeding for color. With the industry taking a nose dive it knocked a lot of breeders out of business. But one thing that has happened in the past few years is the horse industry coming back stronger than had expected. Most everyone has found out that the "good ones" are just too hard to find. So when you find a good one that does not have any issues they won't last long on the market.

Dave and I were born and raised in and around horses and both of us were fortunate enough to get to rodeo as kids and young adults. We were raised with some of the same values about hard work and the true meaning of being proud of what you accomplish. That is why we strive hard to handle only the better bred horses but still have some color and looks about them. We don't hire anything done, we do it all ourselves. From the cleaning of the stalls, to feeding to working with the horses ourselves. It's all hands on, and we get to know each and everyone of the young horses we handle. That way when someone asks a quesiton about a certain horse, we will have an answer and not have to be hunting for a way out of the conversation. Whether we are selling at a sale or right out of our barn, we want the customer to be happy with their purchase and we will try hard to do what is necessary to make that happen.

Round Pen Over the years we have started fitting and doing some sale prep for other folks. In the beginning we weren't sure if we would like that. But have come to realize it has been a great opportunity to fit some horses that we may not have ever had a chance to handle and also open the door to meet new people. We have always stirve to learn from our mistakes and get better and better, and fitting horses for other people teaches you the other side of a business you are in but never see. We are very appreciative of the opportunity we get and always put forth our best effort to stand one notch above.

We invite you in to take a look at our horses we have for sale and look forward to hearing from you. Visitors are always welcome to stop by and visit. We can't guarantee we will have the one you want but what we can guarantee is that we have been in the horse business for over 20 years and we will still be in the horse business for many, many more years to come.

Dave & Stacy Sehl
Walking S Ranch
952 FM 1880
Cooper, TX 75432

Dave's Cell 903-453-5709 / Stacy's Cell 903-217-8067
Email: sehlwalkingsranch@yahoo.com

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